~ Janey

My favorite thing about BCO? The people. Well, the events & the people. There are so many things to do. Learning new things. I have never kayaked before, now it’s a passion. There is so much I love about BCO!

~ Edith

BCO is my family away from my family. Through BCO I discovered Houston and have met great friends (even my husband)! It is a melting pot, just like Houston and I have met people from all over the world.

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Getting Active

"I have met so many new friends from Bayou City Outdoors Events and I've gotten outside to do things that I never would have done on my own!" ~Kristi

"On my birthday, I ran the FunRun (5K, but we didn't see the "turn around cone", so I'm told we ran ~6K). While running past Buffalo Bayou, I thought: I'd rather be kayaking the bayou! Against my better judgement...the next day, rode the Red Cross Ramble. It was supposed to be the 46 mi route. But there was a blockade and I followed a guy who said he knew how to get around it. A long unsupported detour...INDEED! But I'm still walking. Thanks for being the cheerleader for "getting out, getting active". I'm in better shape and doing more now than I did when I was in my 30s!" ~Michele

"I've been wanting to learn to kayak and hike and mountain bike, but never had any friends that would go with me to learn. I saw Kelly at the International Festival, and signed up the next day!! I've been hiking and kayaking and even done some bike riding!! I'm looking forward to doing so much more!! BCO has been great!" ~ Jon

"Want to thank everyone for the farmer's market bike ride on Saturday. Not having ridden in a couple of decades, I was a bit apprehensive. I not only survived but had a great time and gained a lot of confidence. I look forward to more rides." ~Becky

~ David

"I have been a proud member of Bayou City Outdoors since 2008. When I joined BCO, I was just looking to meet new people and get out of the house. Instead, I have met lifelong friends, and my wife and I have traveled the world. It was at my first BCO event where I met two of my very best friends. They were there when I trained for and completed my first MS150. And they were there when I proposed to my wife on a small boat/bar in the Virgin Islands. I owe Kelly Howard a debt of gratitude for organizing events and trips that, I can honestly say, changed my life."

New to Town

"I always wanted to learn more about things to do in the Houston-area, but never knew where to go. Bayou City Outdoors has taught me all about the outdoor activities in Houston and throughout Texas!!" ~Sheryl

"Thanks, BCO! I am so happy I found BCO! It has truly MADE my life in Houston. When I moved here, I only knew one person, an old friend from Galveston. " ~M Kelly, Thanks so much. You do not know how many times have BCO events saved me .. it can be so lonely moving to a new city and BCO fills in that social void (even at short notice). I am so glad that Aussie friends recommended it." ~Kim

"I was new to Houston when I found BCO. I went to the website and signed up and joined and was instantly welcomed into the group!! I've met so many people and seen so much of Houston and I've only been here for a few months!! What a great group! I suggest everyone should join!!" ~Dan

~ Vic

“If you like to travel and be adventurous, and not just be a bump on a log sitting in a bus sightseeing, then this is the group for you… My first year has entailed a week in Big Bend (hiking, biking, exploring, drinking, laughing, singing around the campfire) Guatemala (most of the above plus kayaking), Utah (most of the above), Alaska (most of the above and then some) and local Texas outings. Even though I am from Houston (family, friends, church, etc.) and have been very active in many types of events my whole life, I have never had more fun then I am having now with BCO.”


"We all got home last night. What a great trip. We had so much fun. I thought that a larger group was going to be difficult but it worked out so well. We had enough cars that we could split into groups depending on what people wanted to do or not do. This was the first year we tried the snow tubing at the big hills. Everyone loved that one. It was also the first year for cross-country skiing. A few of us loved it and are going to take lessons next year to make it more enjoyable." ~Carol on Grand Lake, CO, Winter Trip

"The kayaking trip to Mexico has always been my favorite trip ever. It was exciting. There was an adventure. The people were fun. It was everything that a vacation should be!" ~Jenn on the Whitewater Kayaking Trip

"Several people were saying they hope the Fredericksburg trip is an annual event - that was one of my fav trips ever." ~Konni

"Ahhh! It was so nice to get away to Costa Rica over Christmas! I avoided - I mean, I was able to do something different than the normal running around and shopping that I usually do and get out and have an adventure including zip lining, surfing, and kayaking! I would definitely do this trip again, and most certainly over the holidays!" ~Don

"It was so hot in Houston when I left to go to the mountains, and what a relief to get to the mountains and feel the cool, dry, breezy air! We hiked all over Rocky Mountain National Park and saw wildlife like moose, elk, marmots, and an eagle! Our accommodations were perfect with the rustic cabin feel that you would expect in the mountains, and all the people on the trip were helpful and fun, too! We spent some time on the lake kayaking and even saw some pelicans! Who would have thought you would see pelicans in Colorado? It was such a fantastic experience, and I can't wait to get back there again and get out of the Texas summer heat! I plan on doing this every year!"

~ Eric H

"Wanna get outside? Wanna get to know Houston? Wanna get to know a bunch of different cool people? Join BCO! This group does it all. With members ranging from 20–60+, you will find plenty of people to get to hang out with. With activities like trail running, MS150 group training rides, wine tastings, craft beer tastings, farmers market bike rides, bayou walks, Halloween costume nighttime walks, art opening crawls, plenty of eating out events, kayaking, Stand Up Paddleboarding, Miller Outdoor Theatre events, Discovery Green movies, this group does it all! And if that wasn't enough, TRIPS! From as far away as Alaska to the backyard of Fredericksburg... great fun"

Love Connections

"Gene and I were engaged on July 24th at JoyStix during BCO night. Glad you were there too. We set the wedding date for 1-23-10 during the day for family and closest friends, followed by an evening Party!" ~Lori

"There is another BCO wedding occurring very soon! I found out that Aylwin Bailey and Liane Frazier are getting married on July 31st (they met at the BCO Meet & Greet at the Last Concert Café" ~KJ

"Several people were saying they hope the Fredericksburg trip is an annual event - that was one of my fav trips ever." ~Konni

"I just want to thank you for your kind hospitality and a warm welcome to Bayou City Outdoors. It has been a great experience for me. The Alaska trip was truly amazing. In addition, I met my fiance, David, at a BCO social. We are getting married in June" ~Daphne

~ Jessica C

“BCO was exactly what I was looking for when I came back to Houston after several years. I no longer knew the city or anyone in it, but since becoming a member, I've gotten to try things I have always wanted to try, do things I have always loved doing, and all with a great group of kind, funny, and welcoming people (who also enjoy a good drink).

Great Times & Great Folks

"Thanks, BCO, for all the great times!!" ~Dave

"I think you're a great organization and have loved everything I've done with BCO. A great organization comprised of a GREAT group of people." ~Phyllis

"Thanks again for all that you do! Love this club!" ~Tracy

"Thank you soooooo much for encouraging me to get involved. I just did my first adventure, the Sunday, April 10th Galveston Bike ride. I had so much fun!!!!! The group was terrific!!! Everyone was a joy to meet and even more fun after I got a chance to get the hang of my bike gears." ~Andrea

"You don't know how much this club means to me. Moving to Texas after the death of my wife and meeting you and all the wonderful people in the club have been really good for me. Even though I am older than most, I have been totally accepted and age is not a problem." ~Mike

"I appreciate all your efforts and the efforts of everyone in the club to make this such a wonderful organization!" ~Lois

"I will be moving to CT on 10th August, before that, I will be visiting my home country from 26th June and 29th July. I will be back in Houston on the 2nd August. It has been the best time of my life in Houston. One big part of it is BCO. I will so miss you guys. But its time to move." ~Abu

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